As a member you will support the development of the biodynamic movement in Ireland.

Members receive:

  • A membership card.
  • 20% discount when attending Biodynamic events and conferences.
  • A bi-annual news letter.
  • A small sample of biodynamic preps.
  • A brief explanation of their use and storage.
  • The knowledge that we are gardening and farming in a sustainable and healthy way!
  • As well as a wealth of information from existing members from around the country.

As the BDAAI we want to ensure new members are supported as they discover this vast and holistic approach of agriculture.

Members have access to the interactive map where other members are situated and what their interest are. (VIEW MAP HERE)

This way members are able to connect with like-minded people exploring the same topics and dealing with the same issues.

The association consists of a small group of active members, working on a voluntary basis. We hope that our actions and commitment to Biodynamics will open the doors for more people gathering around the association in the future.

Note: Income of the association from the membership fees goes towards the upkeep of the website, standing expenses, event costs and development cost like research or preparation making equipment.

The Minutes of the board meetings of the association are openly shared for transparency.


I / we wish to support the Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Ireland and become a member.

Please tick the appropriate boxes to show your currant activity in agriculture:

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Once you have filled out the form you will be redirected to a subscriptions page where you can pay the €20 membership fee with paypal.

If you wish to end your membership please write to the secretary of the BDAAI  (