Welcome to the BioDynamic Agricultural Association of Ireland (BDAAI)

The BDAAI was founded in 1985, to promote biodynamic farming and gardening in Ireland. Because at the time it became clear that agriculture was changing rapidly and the many potential problems of the industrial agriculture system were becoming apparent.

Biodynamic agriculture and its practices come from a series of lectures  given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. But the knowledge and systems he spoke of are much older, from a time when man and nature were closely bound. Biodynamics has evolved and grown worldwide since then.

Biodynamic Agriculture is a method of farming that recognises the dynamic nature of living systems and the farmers/growers who interact with it. It considers all the factors that influence plants, animals and the surrounding environment.

Biodynamic agriculture is useful and open to anybody who is dealing with improving the land, its produce and environmental health. No matter the size or system you are farming.

Biodynamic food is Organics ++ . Nutrient dense food’s grown with an understanding that a healthy natural environment feeds healthy plants, animals, people, and community.Ultimately improving the vitality and diversity of our food, farms and larger society who depends on them.

Biodynamics is also powerful solution in dealing with the convergence of crisis’s facing our agriculture, community and  the natural world. These challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degeneration, peak oil, polluted water and depletion of many other resources are a concern for all of us.

But through Biodynamic gardening and farming practices  (small and large scale operations) , we can address and reverse the worst consequences  of the challenges currently facing us. While building a stronger community and environment to support us and future generations..

We hope this site helps you on your journey of discovery.

Resistance is Biodynamicly Fertile.

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